Call of Duty: Black Ops – Declassified Details Revealed

Posted August 14, 2012 by Rhys in News

Back during E3, Activision and Sony announced a new handheld Call of Duty title for the PlayStation Vita. While few details were given at the time, Sony has now revealed several details about the upcoming first-person shooter.

Developed by Nihilistic Software, the folks behind Vita’s Resistance: Burning Skies and PS3’s PlayStation Move Heroes, the game is set in the universe of Treyarch’s Black Ops sub-series of Call of Duty titles. Specifically, its single player missions take place between the first and second Black Ops games, though more specific story details have yet to be given. In regards to multiplayer, the game will include four-versus-four multiplayer over wi-fi with modes such as Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed, the latter of which was introduced to the series with last year’s Modern Warfare 3. The title’s multiplayer maps are being created exclusively for the game, though fan-favorite map Nuketown seems to be returning from the first Black Ops. The game will include some equipment controlled using the touch screen, as well as some sort of Near functionality.

The game looks like it’s shaping up to be a solid first-person shooter, something that is quite rare on handheld devices. Call of Duty: Black Ops – Declassified releases this November for PlayStation Vita. In addition to the standard game, a bundle will be released that includes the game and a Call of Duty-themed PlayStation Vita.

Source: IGN


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